Not-For-Profit Work

Making powerful new connections and changing lives in a significant way.

Valuing acts of kindness and serving as a positive role model, James has a consistent record of community outreach:

  • BOARD OF DIRECTORS, Camp Billings (est. in 1906), Fairlee, Vermont
    Created and chaired a fundraising alumni committee that succeeded in raising enough working capital to keep tuition increases to a minimum for a decade.

    James d’Amico attended YMCA Camp Billings in Vermont in the 1970s as an enthusiastic camper and CIT and later as an energetic and creative staff member. As the camp’s 38-year director, I admired his commitment to excellence and ability to inspire and lead. Mr. d’Amico later served on our board of directors. – Ralph E. Lawrence, Former Camp Director, YMCA Camp Billings, Fairlee, VT

  • SKILLED VOLUNTEER, Camp Katrina, Waveland, Mississippi
    Rebuilt homes in the Gulf coast that were devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

    I experienced James’ heart and abilities during a recent volunteer effort to our Gulf Coast disaster relief camp. I saw a persuasive motivator and hands-on guy teaming up to rid our community of three more FEMA blue tarps and put in place new 40-year roofs in 100-degree weather. In the process, James was able to make connections with new peers and bring out the best in them. I also watched his interactions with the people he served, always giving a message of hope. – Art Baruffi, Executive Director, Camp Katrina

  • FUNDRAISER, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, through Team-in-Training
    Gained sponsors, trained, and ran two marathons and half ironman triathlons.
  • MENTOR, Bronx, New York
    Developed mentoring relationships with underprivileged children to improve self-esteem and attitude through planned recreational and athletic activities.
  • SPONSOR, University of Massachusetts Student Mentoring Program
    Initiated job-shadowing program to allow college students the chance to learn about launching a start-up, business process management and “being your own boss.”
  • YOUTH LEADER, Greater Boston/Woburn YMCA
    Facilitated weekly recreational and educational activities for children ages 4 to 12.
Photo by John-Marc Grob

A common site in Waveland, MS. Stairs that now lead to nowhere.

Photo by John-Marc Grob

Camaraderie of Camp Katrina volunteers.

Photo by John-Marc Grob

Having lunch with St. Mark’s school children and discussing their favorite NY Yankees’ players.