Unique Furniture Design and Build Process

  1. I hand select premium rough lumber and veneers, giving special attention to color, figure and grain.
  2. After the wood has been selected, I rough mill it on site then let it rest for a while so it can relax. While all woods respond to environmental changes, my resting phase ensures warping and twisting occurs before construction.
  3. When I’m certain that the wood is ready, I re-mill each board to level and then fine-mill it to near its final size.
  4. The handwork continues with dovetails, mortise-and-tenon or biscuit joints chosen to suit the piece. I consider joinery an art that, when skillfully employed, results in a strong, interlocked piece whose strength is unshakable.
  5. During dry assembly, I hand tool all joint surfaces to ensure a perfect fit. Then I meticulously plane, scrape and sand each piece by hand in preparation for final finishing.
  6. Final finishing is a four to six-layer process, which includes additional hand sanding of surfaces to satin smoothness. Rather than lacquer or stain my furniture, I hand-rub heated tung oil onto all surfaces, achieving a finish that boasts a subtlety and uniqueness unmatched by anything from a can.
  7. Finally, each piece is signed and dated.